Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Curling Ribbon: A How To Guide!

My two toddlers wanted to have some kid-friendly gift tags to attach to their friend's Christmas presents this year! These Disney tags have proven to be the perfect addition to any gift, present, treat, or card!

This step by step guide will show you how to curl some fun ribbon. This adds the perfect touch to either tags or gifts!
What you need:
Scrapbooking tool kit (you could even use pliers or tweezers), metallic ribbon
Begin your project by securely tying of fastening your ribbon to the tag.

Take your pliers and pinch the end of the ribbon.

Curl one side of the ribbon until it completely encircles the pliers.

Slowly pull the pliers away from the tag, until the ribbon unwinds to your liking. If you pull it tightly, the curls will be elongated, if you would like larger curls, pull very slightly.

Repeat steps on the other side of ribbon and VOILA!! You have the cutest finished project!!

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