Tuesday, October 11, 2011

BOOing - Favorite Halloween Tradition

Have you ever been "BOOed?"

I am so excited that our little family is starting to carry on our own traditions! Our favorite Halloween tradition is to "BOO" our friends and neighbors! For family night we invited some friends to help us create treats and BOO our friends. We created some yummy rice krispy treats in the shape of pumpkins and spider oreo cookies. We placed the treats on the doorsteps of various families, rang the doorbell and dashed back in the car before getting caught!!

My Expert Boo-ers!

 Our Spider Cookies: Made with Oreos, black licorice and Reese's M&M's.

 Pumpkin Rice Krispy Treats & Spider Cookies

We can't wait until next week to Boo more of our friends, and to see which ones will carry on the tradition!

For more information on "BOOing, and for the printable, visit: http://www.beenbooed.com/

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